When your day’s task list or job schedule seems to be a few hours too long, it’s time to take a break and de-stress. If you have already explored easy ways to bust stress then you would have found search engines are filled with millions of results on this topic most common of them being meditation.

However if you are like me – silencing the chatter of the brain isn’t easy. Logically thinking the easiest way to stop the incessant chatter within our brains (unwashed laundry, dirty plates, missed appointments…ugh) …is to give the brain something new and rejuvenating to do. So painting is one such scientifically proven activity that does just that.

However, finding joy through painting might not be easy for all…in fact most give up after a few muddy paintings. Painting expressively with colors, and maintaining color vibrancy can sometimes be hard to learn and requires dedication.

No! That’s what you think. The reality is, it’s effortless to integrate colors as part of your daily self-care routine or creative me-time. All you need are a few art supplies and the right attitude.

Let’s look at how you could set yourself up to enjoy 5-minutes of creative me-time whenever you feel the need for it.


Claim your creative space, Image by : Soma M Datta


Step 1: Claim your creative space

Create your own relaxation corner, where you can fully immerse yourself in creative me-time through simple color-mixing activities. Get organized with basic art supplies and select 2 of your favourite colors and a tube of white fun paint. Start experimenting by mixing various combinations of these colors. Note down your favourites. Having your space means you won’t need to pack/unpack after every color-mixing session.


Enjoy the process, Source: Pixabay


Step 2: Decide to ‘Enjoy the creative processes’. 

Often we are our harshest critics. If you want to find joy through creativity, you need to allow yourself to make mistakes and be adventurous. Just jump right into it and watch as the tip of your brush births art previously only in your head. If the colors you have mixed turn into mud so be it – note it down as ‘mud’ isn’t bad. It’s a color that represents earth and offers a background for lush green landscapes. To prevent undesired muddy colors in your painting – note what you mixed for later. You’ll find that by looking at ‘mistakes’ as lessons, you will enter a creative state of flow effectively silencing the chaos of the mind.



Image: Document your learning, Source: Pixabay

Step 3: Document your creative journey

What would also be helpful in the long run is creating an art journal, or a file, where you’d keep all your work. You could also use your journal is to see how your subconscious guides your creations. How do the colors you mix reflect your mood? How does it change with every painting?  Second, this also becomes your learning tool documenting your creative journey. You could note arty tips you want to try out or Jot down your favourite color recipes. This is your personal treasure chest of arty recipes, musings and random experiments!

If you’re in need of some inspiration, download our FREE ART WORKBOOK. There is a 5-minute Paint your way to well-being workbook designed especially for you to enable you to unwind from daily stresses and have fun. Download, Print and get started with a pack of watercolors on your way to some quality creative me-time.

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