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Soma Mandal Datta (Dr) is a professional mixed media artist. She creates mixed media paintings inspired by her cultural roots and her love for Australian flora and fauna from her home-studio in Perth. She is also a passionate art educator who loves to enable people rewind and unwind through easy to learn art lessons, both online and in-person. Read more in our about section.

And these are some of the fun things we do here at Tranquil Canvas

If you want to learn art and have fun while doing it, there are plenty of options for you – whether you want to paint at home at your own pace or join in-person workshops with Soma. Find the right fit for you by exploring the links below. We love to collaborate too. Get in touch if you are an artist or creator with an idea for a collaborative project using the details below. 


Choose between Self-paced learning or Guided Art Mentoring Programs 

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Check our events schedule and facebook page for upcoming events and weekly art class offerrings in Perth, Australia.


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LEarn how to paint intuitively 

Uncover the secrets to unleashing your creativity

Hi this is Soma Mandal Datta (Dr), Founder of Tranquil Canvas Academy. Our courses empower you to discover how painting can be used as a gateway to well-being. We inspire you to celebrate the spontaneity of various painting processes and through it find relaxation, have fun and connect with your innate creativity. From beginner’s paint party style acrylic painting tutorials to mixed media painting courses , there is plenty of choice to jumpstart your creative journey. Come join us and discover your creative side.

Learn how to silence your inner critic

Learn to how to have fun with paints and connect with your inner child

Express yourself through painting

Discover how you can paint from imagination and express your thoughts through patterns, colours and textures.

MAster the basics of painting

Jump start your painting projects by mastering the basics of painting with acrylics and mixed media

Discover your creative voice

Learn how to connect with your innate creativity and find your creative voice through exploratory mixed media techniques.

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