Want to find a positive way to let go and feel free? Would you like to learn how to paint intuitively…freely..to express your thoughts through colors and textures? 

Wouldn’t you love to find a way to connect with your happy state?

Imagine being able to paint your worries away…And make colourful paintings that you’d be proud to show off!  

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 Tranquil Canvas empowers women struggling with anxiety to find their ‘happy space’ through art. Run by Soma Mandal Datta, it offers regular art classes and workshops which encourages participants to open up and let go through painting projects.

Soma inspires participants to enjoy the spontaneity of various creative processes and through it learn positive ways to unwind, find relaxation, let go and connect with their creative side.

Tranquil Canvas Academy (Online School) is now live and running for those who are unable to make it to her classes in Perth.



Tranquil Canvas Academy – Online Art School

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