Soma Mandal Datta (Dr) Bio

Soma Mandal Datta Bio

Soma is a Perth-based artist based from Australia. She runs art classes/workshops across Perth as well as from her  online school. Soma’s love for art and its healing potential led her on a mission to empower those challenged by anxiety, with creative skills which would help them open up, let go and connect with their creative self. For many years Soma had struggled with health issues which caused a negative impact on other areas of life. The severity of health issues limited many of the avenues she could have taken up to maintain physical and mental well-being. A counsellor directed her to ‘ACT-BELONG-COMMIT’ resources which led her to a community art group. This group and art then became her lifeline for many years eventually leading her to become an artist and art educator launching her practice ‘Tranquil Canvas’ .

‘Tranquil Canvas’

With over 14 years of teaching experience and numerous exhibitions, Soma realized that she could extend her University teaching experience to art undertaking opportunities to tutor at local community and art centres. Encouraged by participants’ positive feedback, she started Tranquil Canvas to share her love for art with others who might be challenged by anxiety and looking for positive and fun ways to find well-being. These art classes and workshops are now highly sought for its inclusiveness for learners of mixed skill levels and emphasis on enjoying the process of creation rather than worrying over the end-product. Soma is mum to a four-legged fur-baby Leela and a gorgeous little daughter Jia and best friend to her hubby of 16 years, talented and kind-hearted Som.

Artist’s Statement

My paintings are about telling stories about my life experiences ranging from my global travels to the mundane objects of daily life. Each painting, like varying life experiences, is conceptualized differently. Some develop directly on canvas using willow charcoal and acrylic colours, with the final forms taking shape gradually, while others start with sketches and studies on paper. I frequently experiment with materials specifically pen and inks mixing them with other medias. My philosophy is to enjoy the process which results in most of the artwork beginning life as abstracts and later developing to tangible forms.


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Take a tour of our online gallery to view selection of artworks made by Soma made during demos, workshops and commissions.


30 x 40 cm Acrylics and Paint-markers on Cotton Canvas


Meg – the Magpie

20 x 20 cm Acrylics and Paint-markers on Cotton Canvas


Honey eaters on Banksia

75 cm Diameter, Acrylics and PAint-markers on Cotton Canvas


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