How to overcome creative hurdles

Where there is a will…

The following story is to motivate all those who are  struggling to create in life but faced with limitations and challenges of any kind.

Apart from budget constraints other aspects, such as undesired life situations, creative blocks, or lack of expert guidance can make it challenging to achieve the results you seek.

How we get past our limitations and self-defeating thoughts to start unleashing our creativity?

If you are unable to start creating due to blocks of any kind then read on.

Old lady artist

“There’s a way around everything if you put your mind to it”

~ Kath C.

An elderly lady I met in my local art group, offered us a reminder that it’s possible to find solutions if we took a chance at pursuing our goals despite the hurdles. Her name was Kath.

Kath had lost her ability to walk after numerous surgeries over a decade. But she was well-known in our local community for her positive attitude, smile and zest for life. Her mobility issues did not stop or define her – or rather she didn’t allow it to. She was a familiar sight around the town on her gopher, handing out lollies, stopping to say hello and spreading sunshine!

At our weekly art meet, she would struggle to get off her gopher and into our art studio… but the smile never left her face. And when she finally made it to her designated spot – she would thank those around her and say ‘there’s a way around everything if you put your mind to it”.

She would then proceed to paint while enjoying chin-wag and cuppa with her arty peers.

Morning tea

Not for a moment did her positivity or zest for painting falter despite growing number of age-related ailments.

Her mindset was one of living in gratitude and cherishing the time spent in the art studios. Her mindset was one that led her to habitually embrace her health challenges and not allow her happiness to be hindered by them.

So whatever is preventing you from creating, stop and look around. Ask yourself what else you might do to get around the problem.

Are you unable to afford tutors to up-level your art skills? Explore the web. From free to low costs/high quality courses, the web has plethora of art tutorials for artists of all skill levels.

Are costs for art materials and tools prohibitive? Explore cost-effective solutions that even professional artists use from time to time.

I have outlined 7 easy tips here to get you started : 7 tips for the artist on a budget

Are you struggling to find inspiration to paint? Go for a walk among nature where you will find a source of infinite possibilities to create.

And while you’re ‘finding’ and ‘seeking’ ways to nurture your creative side on a budget, enjoy the process.

Leave the outcomes to a bit of serendipity and magic.

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