Tired of complexities of learning to paint? Tired of making paintings that do not express how you feel about the subject? Do you want to loosen up and just paint for fun?

If you’ve always wanted to uncover the mindsets and skills that will allow you to paint more expressively then you will enjoy the courses we offer at our academy! Develop the right mindsets that allow you to not only paint quickly but also achieve results minus the stress.

Discover how to be flexible and choose the materials that work for you. Uncover the skills to paint expressively and with confidence. With over 14 years of experience painting with multiple mediums and teaching close to 1300 students I have developed teaching and learning styles around using art for de-stressing and having fun while painting.

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An easy course for beginners and busy people to jump-start your foray into mixing colors and avoiding muddy paintings. Includes video tutorials, free printable workbooks, patterns and much more. If you want to learn a fast and easy method to mix colors and get it right every time then get onboard this fun course right now.


A mini course to enable you to acknowledge the 3 proven reasons to invest time in creativity. Warm up your innate creativity while affirming positive mindsets through doable art projects with the objective of getting started with creativity as part of self-care. Includes Bonuses.

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Are you busy but keen to try out painting with acrylics? Then you will love painting this easy 'Koi pond with cherry blossoms' in acrylic. It is a perfect painting for beginners to get started with acrylic paints which is a wonderful medium to paint and explore. I'd love to show you how to use only a few colours to paint this serene painting meant to symbolize perseverance and victory over adversity.


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